Research and Insights

Research and Insights

The Institute will offer private-sector insights about and solutions to the barriers preventing households from securing protected lifetime income. The Institute will fund and support original scholarly research as well as efforts to translate existing scholarly research. Institute programs will include:

  • Original scholarly research (proposed or underway) in academia
  • Retirement Income Insights
  • Scholarly Essays
  • Literature reviews

The Institute has adopted its 2021 Research Agenda consisting of four topics directly related to protected lifetime income as part of retirement planning for American households:

  • Optimizing annuities in a portfolio for retirement and late-life health costs.
  • Understanding differences in consumer behavior and decision-making, including differences associated with race and gender.
  • Private-sector strategies for including annuities in employer-provided retirement plans.
  • Annuities in the era of COVID-19 and low interest rates.
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