Research and Insights

Research and Insights

The Institute will offer private-sector insights about and solutions to the barriers preventing households from securing protected lifetime income. The Institute will fund and support original scholarly research as well as efforts to translate existing scholarly research. Institute programs will include:

  • Original scholarly research (proposed or underway) in academia
  • Retirement Income Insights
  • Scholarly Essays
  • Literature reviews
  • Institute Notes

The Institute has adopted its 2023 Research Agenda consisting of topics directly related to protected lifetime income as part of retirement planning for American households:

  • Focus on financial professionals.
  • Understanding and offering solutions to the barriers to annuitization (especially beyond the already-identified barriers) from the perspective of financial professionals, broker-dealers, plan sponsors, and individuals.
  • Optimizing annuities as part of a balanced portfolio for a financially secure retirement.
  • Advantages and flexibilities of annuities as “solutions” (versus just products) to mitigating various risks faced in retirement.
  • Understanding risk in retirement and consumer risk comprehension – longevity risk, health risk, market risk, trading risk, behavioral biases, etc.
  • Understanding consumer behavior to design tools and profiles to educate and inform the market on the benefit of annuities.
  • Generational, market segment & racial differences in retirement attitudes and preparedness.
  • The intersection of health, wealth, wellbeing and a financially secure retirement.
  • Policy solutions to improve the environment for annuitization of assets for retirement both inside and outside of employee-sponsored retirement plans.
  • Tools, profiles, and online calculators to help inform financial professionals and consumers on the flexibility of annuities as part of a balanced portfolio.
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