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We talk to thousands of Americans every day about their dreams, worries, and plans for retirement, or whatever their next chapter in life. Every story may be different, but each one inspires us to find new ways to educate and help people along their financial planning journey.

Here, you’ll find many of those real stories, episodes of the “Your Money Map” show with Jean Chatzky, and important conversations, ideas and lessons from some of the world’s leading financial experts, that can educate and help you find financial freedom for what’s next.

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  • Elton John’s message on how to find the freedom to follow your Yellow Brick Road
    Financial security and planning for the next phase in life are hugely important topics for Elton John. Hear more about the critical steps needed to ensure financial freedom in your life to follow your own yellow brick road to your next chapter.

  • Do you have questions about how SECURE Act 2.0 might affect you? Learn more from our education fellow, Jason Fichtner, as he breaks down the top things you should know.


Hosted by award-winning personal finance journalist Jean Chatzky, watch these highly popular shows to learn and be inspired by leading retirement and financial experts on planning your next chapter. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram for the next live broadcast. And view all of the past shows on our dedicated Your Money Map section.

  • When you think about where to retire, what’s at the top of your “must-have” list? Maybe you’re picturing an opportunity to connect with neighbors of all ages? A calendar of activities from classes on music production to playing pickleball (natch). And, of course, having access to top-notch healthcare.

    A growing number of retirees are finding all that and more at “University Retirement Communities,” a network of senior living facilities scattered across the country that are associated with a university or college. Experts say by heading back to campus, seniors are living longer, healthier lives, thanks in large part to “intergenerational living,” which they say is key to a rich life as we age. And let’s not forget that strong relationships are really what keep us living healthier, happier, and longer according to the longest running study on happiness and adult development.

  • “What’s love got to do with it?,” Tina Turner famously asked. She probably wasn’t talking about money at the time — but if she was, the answer would be “a lot,” especially as we age.

    According to a recent survey, the number one source of discord in couples is arguments over money. The occasional spat may be glossed over, but the more they happen the more likely they are to lead to divorce — which is increasingly common among older Americans. Since 1990, the divorce rate for people 45+ has gone up according to research from Bowling Green University while the rate for younger couples has fallen. More striking — and spurring talk of the phenomenon is known as “gray divorce” — the rate among those over 65 tripled from 1990 to 2001. Whether you’ve been married for decades or have partnered up later in life, are there ways to manage your relationship–and your money–to achieve harmony in both areas?

  • America has entered the “Peak 65 Zone”, a huge moment when more Americans will turn the traditional retirement age of 65 than at any time in our country’s history. So, what’s it like crossing into the “Peak 65 Zone?” When you talk to real-life consumers, they’ll share a range of emotions…everything from excitement about the freedom of their retirement years to fear over making sure their money lasts as long as they do. For many, it’s a combination of both, along with many other feelings that characterize retirement and the years leading up to it.

  • 2024 is officially here…and so is what’s known as the “Peak 65 Zone.” This year, we will see the largest surge of retiring Americans in recent history, with more than 4.1 million people turning 65 each year through 2027.

Stories & Conversations

Real-life stories and conversations from everyday Americans about planning for the next chapter in life.

  • Dale “Opie” Skjerseth Testimonial
    Testimonial of Dale Skjerseth (also known as “Opie”), Production Director for the Rolling Stones. Hear how Dale uses his annuity to eliminate risk in his own life, amid the risky environment of rock n’ roll.

  • Following his Yellow Brick Road By Protecting His Retirement
    Mike Gomez, Elton John’s head production rigger, tells us how an annuity gives him the certainty and peace of mind to pursue what’s next in life.

  • Dr. Rosaly Lopes Testimonial
    Testimonial of Dr. Rosaly Lopes, Volcanologist. Hear how Dr. Lopes equates managing risk of volcanos to managing risk in her financial planning.


Retirement and retirement planning are being re-defined today. We’re living longer and wanting to do more in the next chapter of life. Learn what it takes to have enough money to live the life you want in retirement from these retirement experts.

  • How Retirement Has Changed and Locking in Income – FP Heather Drebenstedt 
    We’re living longer and that makes it more important that we lock in the money we need throughout our increasingly longer retirement years. Heather Drebenstedt explains how you can use an annuity to create a lifetime stream of income that can add security to your retirement plan.

  • Setting the Record Straight: Annuity Myths
    When it comes to annuities, there’s a lot of misinformation available. Watch Michael Finke, Tamiko Toland, and David Blanchett debunk common annuity myths.

  • Understanding Retirement Income and Rethinking Retirement Planning – FP Jeannette Bajalia
    We all know that saving is a big part of retirement planning. But how do you take a holistic approach that incorporates all aspects of your life? Jeannette Bajalia walks through how to think more broadly about retirement income planning, including how to turn some of your savings into an income stream that can last a lifetime.

  • BRN – Financial Planning for Longer Life Spans & Greater Longevity
    BRN AM on Wednesday August 25th, 2021 with Suzanne Norman, Senior Education Advisor with the Alliance for Lifetime Income.

Campaign Videos

Annuities can help cover your essential expenses in retirement, so you can live the life you want in retirement (or whatever you call your next chapter).

  • Alliance 2021 Campaign – Montage

  • Alliance 2021 Campaign – Wedding

  • Alliance for Lifetime Income – Elaine Larsen

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