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A country where no American has to face the prospect of running out of money in retirement

The Alliance for Lifetime Income is a non-profit 501(c)(6) educational organization based in Washington, D.C., that creates awareness and educates Americans about the value and importance of having protected lifetime income in retirement. Our vision is for a country where no American has to face the prospect of running out of money in retirement. The Alliance provides consumers and financial professionals with educational resources, interactive tools, and actionable research and insights to use in building retirement income strategies and plans. We believe annuities – one of only three sources of protected lifetime income – can be an important part of the solution for retirement security in America.

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Will Your Retirement Income Last?

Millions of Americans will retire without knowing whether they will have enough money to cover their expenses. But you can. The Retirement Income Security Evaluation (RISE) Score® can tell you whether you’re on track with your retirement income and how well it will cover basic living expenses. It’s like a credit score for your retirement plan.

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Institute Charts the Future of Retirement

The Alliance’s Retirement Income Institute serves as the leading edge in retirement research. America’s top academics and public policy experts in the field of protected retirement income provide the latest thinking in how you can achieve a fulfilling retirement.

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