Retirement Income Institute

The Institute seeks to shape a future in which Americans are able to retire with a more secure economic future, one with less risk and higher levels of confidence. It will do that by fostering innovation and reforms that lead to actions that benefit individuals, families and society. The Institute will sponsor new research and analysis – supported by data and evidence – that helps generate insights and ideas to secure Americans’ retirement through protected lifetime income. We’re bringing together some of our country’s leading scholars to collaborate with the Alliance’s member companies to find groundbreaking ways to tackle retirement income security in America today.

The Institute will build a bridge between scholarly, evidence-based research and analysis on retirement income with practical ideas and actions that can help protect retirees from running out of money during their lifetime. Every day, the Institute is focused on overcoming roadblocks to connecting protected lifetime income with the retirement needs, goals and aspirations of consumers.

Jean Statler  CEO, Alliance for Lifetime Income

Vision / Mission

The Retirement Income Institute will seek to facilitate and foster private-sector innovation and reform to shape a future in which Americans are able to retire with less risk, more confidence, and a more secure economic future.

Research and Insights

The Institute offers private-sector insights about and solutions to the barriers preventing households from securing protected lifetime income. The Institute funds and supports original scholarly research as well as efforts to translate existing scholarly research.

Institute Leadership and Fellows

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