Speaking of Retirement

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Finding the Answers for Your Financial Future


he hardest part of planning for retirement might be knowing where to start. That’s why the Alliance enlisted four trusted financial professionals to answer some of your most common questions about retirement. In these short videos, they provide straightforward and candid answers about the changing nature of retirement and retirement planning, as well as simple tips on how to take the first steps, how to cover the things you have to pay for, how annuities can be a powerful tool for protecting and growing your retirement income, and finding and working with the right financial professional.

These answers and tips can help you get started on living the life you want during this exciting chapter in life.

At the bottom of this page are resources to get you started and thinking about your retirement income needs, tools that can help you figure out whether you’ll have enough money to last throughout retirement, and easy-to-understand information about protected income from annuities.

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