Leading Retirement Academics and Experts Asked to Submit Proposals for Research, Literature Reviews and Scholarly Works-in-Progress

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 25, 2020 — Today, the Alliance for Lifetime Income’s Retirement Income Institute announced its first three calls for papers seeking scholarly essays, proposals for literature reviews and funding requests for original scholarly works-in-progress. The Institute fosters new research and analysis, as well as new ideas and insights supported by data and evidence, about protected lifetime income for Americans’ retirement. These three calls for papers are the latest step in fulfilling the Institute’s mission to create a bridge from ideas, research and evidence to action related to protected lifetime income in the U.S. retirement ecosystem.

The Institute urges all interested parties to closely consider and respond to these calls for papers. The calls for papers can be found on the Alliance for Lifetime Income’s website at

“We are looking to support scholarly research that retirement savers, financial professionals, annuity manufacturers and distributors, employer plan sponsors and other key retirement stakeholders can put to work to help protect retirees from running out of money during their lifetimes,” said Seth Harris, the Institute’s senior advisor, and former acting U.S. secretary and deputy secretary of labor. Harris is a former professor and director of labor and employment law programs at New York Law School.

“We’re thrilled to bring together some of our country’s leading scholars to collaborate with the Alliance’s member companies to find innovative ways to tackle the retirement income crisis,” said Jean Statler, the Alliance for Lifetime Income’s executive director. “We look forward to the Institute receiving proposals and submissions that will offer insights and practical solutions to the barriers preventing Americans from securing protected lifetime income.”

The Institute previously announced that the following four topics will constitute its research agenda for 2020:

  • New approaches to the annuity puzzle;
  • Optimizing annuities in a retirement portfolio;
  • Private sector solutions for legal and regulatory barriers to annuities in 401(k) plans; and
  • Understanding differences in consumer behavior and decision-making.

All scholarly essays, proposals for literature reviews and proposals to fund original scholarly works-in-progress are expected to advance the Institute research agenda. The calls for papers provide potential applicants with detailed information about how they can contribute to the Institute’s research agenda, how they can submit their materials to the Institute and the Institute’s plans to compensate successful applicants. Deadlines for submissions are also included in the calls for papers.

Click here to review the call for proposals to fund scholarly works-in-progress.

Click here to review the call for literature review proposals.

Click here to review the call for scholarly essays.

Please direct any questions regarding this call for scholarly submissions to Annie Deal at [email protected].

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