Find your Yellow Brick Road to Financial Freedom

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“My fans and I have traveled this Yellow Brick Road together for decades, and I want to do what I can to make sure that what lies beyond it in their retirement is as fulfilling as possible.” 

–Elton John

In 2022, the Alliance was Elton’s first and only nonprofit tour partner and the sole presenting partner of his blockbuster farewell tour across North America. That experience gave us the amazing opportunity to talk with thousands of fans at more than 65 live concerts and hear from millions of Elton followers online. Through that, one thing became abundantly clear – planning for the next chapter in life was on their minds and hugely important to them.

Much like Elton, many of his fans were closing one window but making plans to open a new one. Retirement, however you define it, was something people were excited about and looking forward to. But many were also unsure of how to prepare and how to pay for what could be many decades in retirement. They needed help in figuring that out.

That’s why in 2023 we’re continuing our partnership with Elton and his husband David Furnish to help you make a plan for your next chapter. And together, we’re spreading the word about the importance of having enough protected income to have the financial freedom to follow your Yellow Brick Road to what’s next.

Elton has long advocated for human dignity and economic equality for all. And in these volatile and uncertain economic times, where uncertainty reigns, he and David want you to know the importance of having a plan that gives you greater peace of mind and certainty. Because, as Elton says, “Secure tomorrows are something we all deserve.”

Elton John’s message on how to find the freedom to follow your Yellow Brick Road

Financial security and planning for the next phase in life are hugely important topics for Elton John. Hear more about the critical steps needed to ensure financial freedom in your life to follow your own yellow brick road to your next chapter. Want to get started today? Click below to email your financial advisor and start the protected income conversation today!

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Thank you to everyone who entered to win the once-in-a-lifetime trip to london or Paris!

Check back here soon as we will be sharing new opportunities for you to win Elton John merchandise and more. Hopefully, along the way, you’ve learned a little about how to protect your plans for retirement. Having protected income from an annuity in your retirement plan can give you the financial freedom to follow the Yellow Brick Road to your next chapter. START TODAY by clicking the button below to email your financial advisor about protected income!

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“Though Elton and I are blessed to have done well in life, the need to save, protect and plan for the next chapter are universal principles and the same for all of us. Our continued partnership with the Alliance for Lifetime Income furthers our mission to stand for human dignity at every stage of life.”

-David Furnish,

CEO, Rocket Entertainment

Elton John’s message on having the financial freedom to pursue your bucket list

The legendary, number one male recording artist of all time talks about making a plan for the future that includes protected income to cover basic expenses, so you have the freedom to pursue your bucket list.

If you have big plans for your next chapter, now is the time to meet with your financial professional to talk about your options. It starts by figuring out what you want your future to look like – your goals, needs and wants, and living with purpose. Knowing these things and having a plan in writing will help you decide how you’re going to pay for them and live the life you want.

Your advisor can help you make a financial plan that includes protected income from an annuity so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your basics are covered and you can tackle that bucket list with confidence.

Photograph by Ben Gibson. © 2022 HST Global Limited. Rocket Entertainment

Following his Yellow Brick Road By Protecting His Retirement

Mike Gomez, Elton John’s head production rigger, tells us how an annuity gives him the certainty and peace of mind to pursue what’s next in life.

“I’m sure my fans have big plans for their next chapter just as I do. I want them to follow their own Yellow Brick Road so they can continue to check off all of those amazing things on their bucket list. Over the past year, thanks to the Alliance, David and I have learned that protected income from an annuity can help make that possible. I want all of my fans out there to learn about that, so they can enjoy the lifestyle they want.”

– Elton John

To learn more about the Alliance’s partnership with Elton John, read the full press release here.

Photograph by Ben Gibson. © 2022 HST Global Limited. Rocket Entertainment

Photograph by Ben Gibson. © 2022 HST Global Limited. Rocket Entertainment

On behalf of the Alliance for Lifetime Income, thank you for joining us on the Elton John Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour!

We couldn’t have asked for a better crowd and hope you were able to make some unforgettable, bucket list–worthy memories. As you continue to check items off your bucket list, think about what other milestones you’d like to accomplish — from learning and developing new creative skills to seeing places you’ve wanted to visit.

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