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Whether you’re close to retirement or retired, everyone has a bucket list of things they want to do or accomplish in the next chapter of life.

According to the latest research by the Alliance, travel, relaxing, and spending time with friends and family are the top 3 on people’s bucket lists.

Perhaps your list includes learning how to fly a plane — or jumping out of one. Or maybe it’s scoring tickets to see Elton John live in concert on his final farewell tour. A bucket list doesn’t necessarily have to include really big or expensive things either. It could include the simple things you’ve always wanted to do, like taking lessons so you can finally play that guitar gathering dust in the corner, or hitting the road with friends and family for a getaway to somewhere you’ve only read about.

Whatever is on your list, it’s a pretty good guess that most of it will involve spending some money. We’re about to hit a major demographic milestone next year we call Peak 65, when we’ll see the largest number of Americans turning 65 than at any time in history. However, far too many still don’t have the savings and protected income they need to retire comfortably and pursue their bucket list.

This is why we started a bucket list conversation with millions of Americans, to show them how they too can follow their Yellow Brick Road to financial freedom.

see how much fun our London recipient had on their trip! Stay tuned for more from the Paris winner!

Check back here soon as we will be sharing new opportunities for you to win Elton John merchandise and more. Hopefully, along the way, you’ve learned a little about how to protect your plans for retirement. Having protected income from an annuity in your retirement plan can give you the financial freedom to follow the Yellow Brick Road to your next chapter. START TODAY by clicking the button below to email your financial advisor about protected income!

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So, here’s a great idea to put into your retirement plan.

It all starts with having a plan to check off the basics. This means understanding how much money you will need to cover those essential monthly expenses — things like your mortgage, utilities, and groceries, for example. One of the best ways to cover those basic expenses is with a steady stream of protected income from an annuity, to help fill the gap left by other sources of protected income, like Social Security or a pension (if you’re one of the few lucky ones to still have one).

With your basics covered, you’ll have the freedom to use the rest of your savings and market investments to check off those amazing things you want to pursue on your bucket list and live the retirement you want. START TODAY by clicking the button below to email your financial advisor about protected income!

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