Free to Pursue
Your Bucket List

Whether you’re planning for retirement or retired, we all have our bucket list of things we want to pursue and accomplish in the next chapter of life.

Maybe it’s learning how to fly a plane — or jumping out of one. Maybe it’s spending two weeks exploring that island you’ve always had as your screensaver. A bucket list doesn’t necessarily need to include huge or expensive things either. It can be about realizing the simple things we’ve always wanted to do, like seeing a childhood friend who’s living in another part of the country, or maybe hitting the road with friends and family for a getaway to somewhere you’ve only read about.

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Whatever is on your list, most of it will involve spending some money. So, here’s a great idea to put into your retirement plan.

The first step in pursuing your bucket list is “checking off the basics.” This means understanding how much income you need to cover essential monthly expenses — your mortgage or medical expenses, utilities, and groceries, for example. One of the best ways to cover those basic expenses is with protected income – regular income from an annuity that you can always count on to help fill the gap between what you need and what you’ll get from other sources of protected income, like Social Security.

With your basics covered , you’ll have the freedom to use the rest of your savings to check off those amazing things you want to pursue on your bucket list and live the retirement you want.

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