ALI Summit 2022

What keeps you up a night?

For many Americans it continues to be the thought of planning for retirement without knowing how long they will live, how much their healthcare will cost, and how much money they will need to fund it. This also comes at a time when people are feeling the pain of high inflation and an increased sense of mortality caused by the pandemic. And in two years, more people in the U.S. will be 65 than at any point in our history, so finding solutions to help answer these questions has never been more critical.

The Future of Protected Income Summit – The countdown to Peak 65, was created to bring together people involved in solving this national crisis: academics, policy experts, investment firms, insurance companies, financial advisors, and, most importantly, the people they serve- the consumer.

Many of the speakers at the 2022 Summit serve as education and research fellows and scholars for the Institute and all bring a passion to help consumers. Their diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives helps them look at these vexing problems by identifying both concepts as well as tools to help provide safety to millions of Americans who want to achieve a secure and happy retirement. Other speakers included real-life consumers sharing their experiences. Below you’ll find consumer videos as well as key insights from RII fellows and scholars.

Stay informed with the latest updates on protected income planning.