2022 ALI Summit – Consumers

The Summit began with The State of Retirement Savers – A Conversation With Consumers, a revealing conversation with real-life consumers from across the country at various stages of their retirement savings journey. This unique forum looked at everything through the lens of the consumer and their need to plan for a retirement that will be longer with lower savings than any generation before them. Improving their experiences and outcomes drove the research conducted by the Summit’s sponsor, the Retirement Income Institute.

Speakers included:

  • Bob Sickels, Potomac, MD
  • Catherine Crisp-Martin, Central TX
  • Courtney Stamm, Washington, DC
  • Wenny (Shih-Wen) Lin, Ph.D., Philadelphia, PA
  • Moderator: Jean Chatzky, education fellow, Alliance for Lifetime
    Income, and CEO, HerMoney

Jean Chatzky, CEO of HerMoney and Institute education fellow, spoke with four consumers about how they were approaching their retirement planning. Of note was their preparedness and their deep sense of responsibility– they know it is up to them to make sure their retirement is well funded. That probably explains why they started their retirement savings so early and have a FINE (financial independence next endeavor) retirement perspective!

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