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Watch the INaugural Debate: “Is America Really Headed for a Retirement Security Cliff?”

Series Summary

Will my Social Security benefits be lower in the coming years and will it even exist in 30 years? How has the pandemic impacted pension plans and future growth in the markets? Is the retirement income crisis even real?

The financial security of millions of Americans depends on the answers to some of these pressing questions, and yet leading minds still disagree on their answers and, more importantly, how to prepare for retirement in light of them.

With this in mind, the Alliance launched The Great Retirement Debate series, bringing together recognized and highly respected experts—from economists and leading researchers to innovative business leaders—for lively and engaging debates on crucial and often controversial retirement challenges facing our nation today.

On September 14th, the series kicked off with its inaugural debate, “Is America Really Headed for a Retirement Security Cliff?” which was created in partnership with The Trust, the custom content studio for The Wall Street Journal.

Watch this engaging event above and stay tuned for future debates in the series on restructuring pension programs, the retirement security gap, and more.

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