Is Your Retirement Income Secure?

Retirement should be a time to relax and enjoy yourself. As many Americans are finding out, though, that isn’t always the case. Sudden changes – such as volatility in the markets — can upset your plans and leave you wondering about your finances. The way to avoid that is to secure your retirement income by combining Social Security, a pension (if you have one) and an annuity so you have monthly income you can count on — no matter what the market does. Then, you can relax a little and make the most of your retired life.

5 Questions to Ask Your Financial Professional During Market Volatility

The Alliance for Lifetime Income spoke to experienced retirement planning experts to identify some of the key questions people approaching or in retirement should be asking their financial professional in times of market volatility so they stay on track to live the life they want in retirement.

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How Protected Lifetime Income Benefits a Small Business Owner During Difficult Times

Elaine Larsen is a small business owner who says having that the guarantee of lifetime income of an annuity enables her to shake off “the things of the day” — even the market’s current volatility — and to focus on running her business.

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