No Normal Retirement Journey Map and Guide

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Your retirement journey is unique to you and we know you need a resource that takes that into consideration. That’s why the Alliance for Lifetime Income worked with The AgingWell Hub at Business for Impact to help you visualize and plan the various stages, events and decision points along the way to your next chapter.

The Alliance for Lifetime Income’s Retirement Income Institute commissioned a new retirement planning resource, the Retirement Journey Map, released on Tuesday, August 23rd. The new resource, the “No Normal Retirement Journey Map and Guide” was developed by the Aging Well Hub at Georgetown University’s McDonough School for Business.

This new resource offers individuals tools to visualize and plan the various stages, events and decision points along the retirement journey, and the personal, emotional, and financial consequences of each. The Journey Map illustrates how six primary levers—health, finances, learning, purpose, community, and resilience—can be used to navigate the journey to a happy, financially secure and fulfilled life after a full-time career.

The Journey Map represents various aspects of each retirement journey—the goals, decisions, emotions, and unforeseen events—with which individuals can identify.

– Jeanne de Cervens, director of the AgingWell Hub

To learn more about the Retirement Journey Map, visit the link below:

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