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A New Chapter in America's Retirement Landscape

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Unlike older retired Baby Boomers, the majority of Peak 65’ers don’t have pensions, which used to help fill that gap left by Social Security. Our current retirement system is obsolete and it’s time for a new retirement security framework.

– Jason Fichtner, Executive Director, ALI Retirement Income Institute

America is entering a historic surge, with more than 4.1 million Americans retiring each year through 2027. What used to be 10,000 over the past decade is now over 11,200 every day. A concerning trend is emerging as a significant portion of the Peak 65® generation lacks sufficient protected income, putting them at risk of outliving their savings.

The landmark report by Jason Fichtner, Executive Director of the Alliance for Lifetime Income’s Retirement Income Institute, calls for a new retirement security framework. With the demise of traditional pension plans, the current system proves inadequate for Peak 65’ers, the majority of whom lack pensions to supplement protected income from Social Security.

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The goal? Protect up to two-thirds of people’s retirement income, achieved through giving Americans more choice and greater access to protected income solutions like annuities. A new Ipsos Research survey sponsored by the Alliance reveals worries about adequate retirement savings and healthcare costs among Peak 65’ers, which makes the urgency for change evident.

Join us on January 10th at 2:00 p.m. EST for a special edition of the Alliance’s Your Money Map show hosted by award-winning personal finance journalist Jean Chatzky, where guests Ben Harris, former Chief Economist, U.S. Treasury Department, Michelle Singletary, Personal Finance Columnist at the Washington Post, and Fichtner unveil the report and discuss the impact of Peak 65.

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Like pensions did for past generations, annuities offer a unique opportunity – especially for middle and working-class Americans – to have the peace of mind knowing they’ll always have a source of guaranteed income in retirement.

– Cyrus Bamji, Chief Strategy Officer, ALI

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