HMP Global’s Senior Living Executive Conference Tackles ‘Peak 65’ Challenges

Author: Timothy Alexander

Date: 14/2/2024

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MALVERN, PA — HMP Global’s 2024 Senior Living Executive Conference is preparing to deliver an elevated educational program for senior living professionals. The conference, scheduled for April 29 through May 1 in Phoenix, will focus on unique challenges facing the industry, including policy developments, emerging issues, and future prospects for senior care.

According to data from the Alliance for Lifetime Income, an average of 11,000 Americans are expected to turn 65 every day throughout 2024, marking a historic peak in U.S. retirements. This demographic shift presents both opportunities and challenges for the senior living industry, requiring innovative solutions and strategic planning.

James Balda, President and CEO of Argentum, the leading national association supporting professionally managed senior living communities, emphasized the importance of keeping pace with these changes. “As we enter this ‘peak 65’ year, it is urgent that senior living professionals stay up to date on strategies and best practices to address the real challenges of our industry,” he said.

The conference, which serves as the official meeting of Argentum, aims to equip senior care leaders with the knowledge and resources to navigate this new landscape effectively. It offers a comprehensive educational program covering a broad spectrum of topics, from operations and leadership to technology, salesmarketing, and more.

A steering committee comprising some of the leading experts in senior living oversees the conference’s educational program. The committee members, including Tommy Comer, Chief HR Officer at Commonwealth Senior Living, and Tavinder Hare, CFO/CIO at Sunrise Senior Living, among others, are committed to creating the best possible resident experience, improving staffing, and enhancing operational efficiencies.

The conference also provides numerous networking opportunities. Vision sessions, keynote addresses, culinary showcases, and the annual Hero and Best of the Best Awards are just a few of the events that will facilitate learning and networking over the three-day event.

Tommy Comer, one of the Steering Committee members, highlighted the importance of collaboration in the senior living industry. “The beauty of senior living is that when one of us wins, we all win. That camaraderie in the industry is felt very deeply at this conference,” he said.

The 2024 Senior Living Executive Conference stands as a crucial opportunity for industry leaders to learn, network, and prepare for the challenges and opportunities presented by the ‘peak 65’ year. With a focus on practical strategies, best practices, and industry collaboration, the conference promises to equip senior living professionals with the tools they need to navigate the changing landscape of senior care.

HMP Global’s 2024 Senior Living Executive Conference is set to address the unique challenges brought about by the record-breaking surge in U.S. retirements. By offering an elevated educational program and numerous networking opportunities, the conference aims to equip senior living professionals with the strategies and best practices needed to adapt to this changing landscape effectively.

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