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The 2019 Retirement Security Summit was a first-of-its-kind event, gathering a variety of financial experts and consumers to explore how people’s needs are rapidly changing in light of the retirement savings crisis.

As Americans are living longer, there’s a need to shift the way we think about retirement finances from an accumulation mindset to an income mindset. During the summit’s panel discussions, men and women with diverse perspectives weighed in on how to address a new generation’s retirement needs and concerns.

After the day’s compelling conversations, we gathered key participants to share their takeaways from the wide-ranging discussions. In the videos below, you’ll hear from Alliance for Lifetime Income fellows and other thought leaders on topics like longevity risk, protected lifetime income, the changing role of financial professionals, and other retirement security topics.


Jean Chatzky, CEO of and Alliance for Lifetime Income fellow, leads a discussion with Joe Coughlin, director of the MIT AgeLab, and Seth Harris, former acting Secretary of Labor and Alliance for Lifetime Income fellow. The three discuss how alliance members can band together to ensure that Americans are adequately prepared for retirement in the midst of the retirement savings crisis.


Bob Powell, editor of TheStreet’s Retirement Daily, leads a discussion with Alliance for Lifetime Income fellows Michael Finke and Colin Devine. The three discuss their takeaways from the 2019 Retirement Security Summit, with a focus on what Americans can do to ensure retirement security despite longevity risk.

Woman signs a book at a table for another woman.

Jean Chatzky (Right), Alliance Fellow and founder of HerMoney Media, signs her book for Elaine Larsen, Jet Car Driver and Alliance for Lifetime Income Spokesperson.

Man in a suit and tie speaking.

Seth Harris, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Labor, moderates a discussion.

Man talks into a microphone while sitting at a panel table with others.

Ben Harris, economist and Alliance Fellow, weighs in on the discussion.

Man stands in front of microphones with a screen in the background.

Emilio Pardo, Alliance operating committee co-chair and chief marketing & communications officer of Jackson National.

Older man sits at a panel table in front of a microphone with women sitting on either side, and people sitting behind.

Stephen Pelletier, executive vice president and chief operation officer of Prudential.

Man in a suit and tie with glasses speaking.

Will Fuller, Alliance operating committee co-chair and president of annuity solutions for Lincoln Financial Group.

4 women sit in chairs on a stage and one is speaking while the others look toward her

From left: Michelle Singletary, Washington Post personal finance reporter; Jeannette Bajalia, founder of Woman’s Worth; Elaine Larsen, jet car driver and Alliance spokesperson; Jean Chatzky, Alliance fellow and founder of HerMoney Media.

Woman and man stand near a table smiling, with other people in the background.

Kelli Hueler, CEO of Hueler Income Solutions, and Robert Powell, editor of The Street’s Retirement Daily, discuss the day’s sessions during a break.

Woman smiling and talking with a man.

Jean Statler, executive director of the Alliance for Lifetime Income, and Dennis Glass, president and CEO of Lincoln Financial Group.

People seated at tables look at a man standing and talking into a microphone.

Jason Schenker, president of Prestige Economics and chairman of the Futurist Institute, presented The Future of Retirement: Where We Are Headed as the luncheon speaker.

6 men and women sit in chairs on a stage, with other people in chairs in the foreground.

The consumer panel provided their understanding, perceptions, plans and experiences in preparing for retirement.

Woman stands holding a microphone and a piece of paper in front of a screen.

Jean Statler, Executive Director of The Alliance for Lifetime Income, introducing the luncheon speaker, Jason Schenker.

4 women sit together and one is speaking as the others look on.

Juli McNeely, a financial Advisor at McNeely Financial Services, speaks during a roundtable discussion about inspiring new retirement security conversations.

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