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In an important webcast on Sept. 10, Alliance CEO Jean Statler discussed the importance of annuities and protected lifetime income for retirement with Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine editors Mark Solheim and Sandy Block.

If you missed it live, now’s your chance to watch the webcast here and learn how you can develop a retirement income plan using annuities.
The webcast ran shortly after the release of a joint national survey by Kiplinger and the Alliance showing that a retirement reset was underway in America. In today’s market volatility and economic uncertainty, more people are looking for ways to protect their income in retirement. The event covered how annuities can play an important role in retirement portfolios and the benefits of having a stream of guaranteed income that helps cover essential retirement expenses, which gives people the freedom to live the retirement they want.

The panel exchanged views on:

  • The importance of having reliable income during periods of market volatility.
  • How there needs to be a shift in mindset from just accumulating a lump sum of money to planning for income needs in retirement.
  • New options for annuities in employer retirement plans under the SECURE Act.
  • The best time and ways to begin claiming Social Security benefits and filling the protected income gap that Social Security leaves.

This thought-provoking webcast simplifies the understanding of annuities and the need for protected income, and it may help you reset your own retirement plans by changing the way you think about paying for life in retirement.

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