The crisis that today’s retirees face

is unlike any before. Millions of Americans are retiring – or being forced into retirement thanks to the pandemic and economic conditions – without knowing if they’ll have enough to cover their basic expenses in retirement. This new uncertainty is actually a great time for a retirement reset – a chance to take a different look at your overall plan for retirement, and more specifically, your income in retirement.

It starts with a simple first step: Check Off the Basics. Begin by understanding how much income you need to cover your essential monthly expenses, such as your mortgage or medical expenses, utilities, groceries, gym fees or car payments. Step two is finding ways to help cover these expenses with protected lifetime income from an annuity – income you count on receiving every month, for the rest of your life, to help cover the gap that Social Security leaves. When you Check Off the Basics, you can use the rest of your savings to enjoy the retirement you want.

No one knows what the new normal will look like exactly, but with an annuity to help cover the basics, you’ll reduce the uncertainties and feel more secure and confident about your future – whatever it brings.


Want to know more about how to Check off the Basics? Download this free guide that offers insights, next steps and a worksheet to help you understand how to cover your essential expenses in retirement.

Plan for Income in Retirement
Learn more about covering essential expenses with protected lifetime income

A Secure and Confident Retirement Starts With Covering Your Basics

New research from the Alliance for Lifetime Income shows that most of us want to spend our retirement enjoying friends and family. And a simple, straightforward financial approach is one of the simplest ways to do just that.

Case Study: Retired Woman

A look at how an annuity can help someone in retirement make ends meet — based on having essential monthly expenses of $2,099 and monthly Social Security of $1,550.

Case Study: Married Working Couple

Approaching retirement, you want to be sure you can cover essential expenses. See how a couple in their 60s can cover essential monthly expenses of $4,221 with help from an annuity.

Will Your Retirement Income Last?
Millions of Americans will retire without knowing whether they will have enough money to cover their expenses. But you can. The Retirement Income Security Evaluation (RISE) Score™ can tell you whether you’re on track with your retirement income and how well it will cover basic living expenses. It’s like a credit score for your retirement plan.